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 Pam has treated our whole family including the dogs for Lyme.  allergies & various illnesses. She is our go to person when something is wrong.  She can diagnose it and treat it with a quick text, email or call. It is rare to get that kind of service. Elizabeth D./Needham, MA

 Pam had some answers for me in the first session after seeing doctors for years about my fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues & pain. I was a little skeptical when she pointed to Lyme and Mycoplasma Fermantis because the doctors said I didnít have it.  I felt a reaction after Pamís 1st treatment. I was more tired and achey which indicated something was happening.  After the second treatment, I started to feel improvement with my symptoms.  It took 7-8 treatments.  But, I am so much better. Life is easier.  I feel like a cloud has lifted and I have a brighter future.   Emily S./Norwood, MA

 I had allergies all spring and summer for years. After a series of treatments with Pam, I only occasionally need a tune up. What a difference!  Jesse C./ Jamaica Plain, MA

 When I first came to see Pam, I was tired all the time and had aches and pains everywhere.  Also I felt stuck in both my personal and family life. Then Pam started "clearing" me.  She got rid of infections and allergies that I didn't know I had.  She strengthened my organs and chakras.  All of my symptoms disappeared one by one as my core energy grew.  Pam also helped my children and husband.  Thanks to Pam, I have my life back!         L. Won Tewksbury, MA

 Pam is a powerful healer with a gentle spirit, who truly cares about her patients and helping them to regain and maintain their health. I can't adequately express how grateful we are to have her in our lives!      Dr. Geuss /MA

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Traditional medicine was not helping me very much. And, the pain had become excruciating.  This was affecting my ability to work.  Out of desperation, I researched alternative medicine, including NAET treatments.  Pam was recommended to me.  I felt relief almost immediately and eventually got to the point where all IC symptoms were eliminated!  I remain asymptomatic, most of the time, even today. I continue to see Pam now as needed for other kinds of problems that crop up including allergies, flu, back and neck sprain.   Pam is able to help my body heal itself where other kinds of treatment don't help at all or not as well.      Kathy G/ Weston, MA

Although my partner is a  good man with a good heart, he has a difficult personality.  He is often very wound up which affects his patience and flexibility.  He is frequently annoyed or even disgusted with himself.    Generally, he does not show or verbalize that he is grateful for what he has and what has gone well for him. And, when he's in a particularly bad funk, he appears to be angry and even mean-spirited.  The changes seen from Pam's brain clearing distance treatments were miraculous.  I've never seen attitude and behavioral improvements take place this quickly and dramatically. My partner will need to personally participate in obtaining a complete solution to these problems.  Pamís work, however, appears to have started  the healing process in a profound way and laid the ground work that will promote the continuation of it.     Annie M/Boston, MA

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