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Payment Options

There are six options for paying for Pam's services and products. The first four are "digital" solutions.  We briefly explain these and give you PROS and CONS to help you make a decision with one of those choices.

1. NAB (this) website- Standard Paypal portal.  For payments that withdraw from your checking account directly (like a check) or credit card (detailed instructions for this method are on FAQ page).  PROS- (1) You can initiate the payment (vs. having to wait for Pam to). (2) You will automatically receive an email receipt CONS- (1) You have to use the NAB website to select the service/product and checkout. (2) A little clunky and slow.

2.  Here, Pam will send you either a text or email that will contain a link that you click to make a payment.
PROS- (1) Probably fastest method here.  (2) New capability Paypal released recently (fall/2015)  (3) Pam can use a text to initiate transaction. (4) You bypass the NAB website. CONS- TBD

3. Paypal Email Payments.  For this choice, Pam would need to first signin to Paypal, fill in an invoice/receipt info and send to your email address.  You then pay via debit or credit card.  PROS- (1) You get a receipt (the email contains the invoice) (2) You bypass the NAB site. (3) May be faster (for the time you need to spend on this) than using the NAB site.But Pam needs to first initiate the transaction.  CONS- (1) Pam needs to initiate the transaction (although she should be able to take care of it quickly). 

4. "Personal" Payment Transfer.  With this one, you sign in to your Paypal account and initiate the transfer. You start this by selecting the Send Money tab, and follow the instructions which will include entering Pam's email address.  PROS- You can initiate the transaction (2) You bypass the NAB site (3) should be pretty fast   CONS- (1) You need a Paypal account (2) You won't automatically get a receipt.

5.  In person: cash, check or credit card (using Square)

6. Sent in check or remotely used credit card.   Note: Pam would need to be on hand to enter the credit card info (using Square). 

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